A Poem About Broodiness

Walking down the highstreet, window shopping (as you do),

I can never fail to notice windows filled with baby clothes,

Pink, lilac, cream and blue…

A cacophony of all the paraphernalia

That comes with parent life,

And it makes me think to myself,

‘Would another really be that much strife…?’


I feel a judder in my lower tum,

a thumping in my chest.

My heart burns with a broody longing to fill our homely nest.

I yearn for even more tinkling laughter and fierce love;

I meet my hubby’s loving gaze, see the twinkle in his eye,

and know he’s on the same broody wavelength…

It makes me want to cry.


(With pure joy and love, of course!)


A sibling for our gorgeous Max, we’d love nothing more than this.

Boy or girl, we’d mind neither,

Any new addition would be complete bliss.

So here we are, apprehensive but joyful,

For what our glowing future has in store.

We’ll hope and dream, pray and plea

for another little soul for us to adore.


Love from Katie. Xx

Feel free to share this original poem, just please credit Bump, Baby & You.