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10 Struggles All Breastfeeding Mums Know

Ah, breastfeeding. It’s a subject I talk a lot about, isn’t it? But this post is to talk about all the almost comedic struggles every breastfeeding mother will understand.

The ‘feed and walk’
Don’t tell me you haven’t done the feed and walk. When your baby is having a right old cluster feed and you’re about to burst, so you half walk half carry your baby with you to the loo. I tell you, I felt like a goddess the first time I successfully did that.

EVERYTHING is always out of reach.
Everything. Your phone? On charge across the room. The TV remote? Other side of the sofa. The drink you just made? Not a chance. But it’s totally acceptable to squish your baby to reach over for the chocolates you just brought in.

The ‘stretch’.
When the baby feels the need to see how far your nipple can stretch out whilst keeping the latch, which is closely followed by

The ‘bury head in boob’
I’m pretty sure he can breathe in there. Why do they do this? It’s bloody cute though. All nuzzled up in there.

Nosey babies.
It can’t just be my baby that is so damn nosey. He must unlatch himself at least 5 times per feed now just to look around. Just finish your feed and then you can turn around to see what everyone else is doing, nosey. This usually ends up with

Baby making awkward eye contact with others whilst feeding.
When you’re feeding, and your baby catches a glimpse of another human nearby, and decides to make unbreakable eye contact with them. Laughable when it’s your sister, little awkward when it’s your dad.

The ‘you’re still feeding?!’ remarks.
Well, yes, he still needs feeding. The fact he’s a few months older doesn’t change anything. Offended? You can cover yourself up with a blanket.

The breastfed baby will latch onto anything.
Toys, teddies, your nose, blankets, your arm, their bouncy chair. They really will attempt a latch onto everything. Kinda cute, kinda funny.

Fountain nips.
Oh, the biggest struggle of them all. When you’re having a nice feed on one boob and the other feels left out, so it decides to spray out like a fountain at full force. Cheers pal, appreciate it.

And lastly, the expenses.
You’re probably thinking, but breastfeeding is free? You’re right. But it’s freaking expensive. You know why? Because the hours you spend cluster feeding, what’s better to do than drain your bank account by online shopping. For real.

Laura Loveday xo

Taken from my blog:

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