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5 Things That I DO NOT Want My Children To Inherit

by Amie Richards

We focus so much on the things that we want to teach our children and pass down to them, that we don’t often think about the pieces of ourselves that we really don’t want them to inherit – well I know I don’t really think about anyway! – Until now! So here are my 5 Things I DO NOT Want My Children To Inherit:

#1 – My fear!

I’m always such a wuss and my imagination is a bit wild sometimes. I can’t even watch the news! Last time I did was the Paris bombings and I kept waking up in the night petrified that there are bombers in our house (I think they call that overactive imagination Syndrome?) I’m the same with scary films, I have visions all night and real bad nightmares! Haha! I really don’t want Amelia and Max being the same way and freaking out over something so silly.

#2 – My lack of willpower

My willpower seems pretty non existent. I have a tonne of exercise and eat healthy ideas but due to a fail in willpower these don’t usually last that long!

#3 – Being a pushover

I tend to let people say and do things that I probably shouldn’t, and I just ignore it to keep the peace. As you can imagine it doesn’t really make me feel that great so this is a big one that I really don’t want Amelia and Max to inherit. I want them to be outspoken and stand up for themselves, no matter what.

#4 – My cursing

When you’re raised on a farm in pretty much an all male environment you tend to pick up on their bad habits, such as swearing a lot, and not really for any reason – usually just as an extra word in a sentence! Around certain people I can’t help but swear non stop. It’s awful really but that’s just the kind of people they are and what I’m used to. However because of this I often find myself swearing at very inappropriate times, such as when out shopping or around children – although in these circumstances sometimes cursing really is just necessary!

#5 – My laziness

Following on from the no willpower, I’m also pretty lazy. I blame the fact that I’m usually just at home which means I sit on the sofa all day and we all know how awful that can be! In the mornings I can never wake up when my 5 alarms tell me to, and it usually takes Amelia and/or Max shouting at me to actually get my bum in gear!

What do you really not want your children to inherit from you? Do you have any bad habits or are you just a bit lazy like me? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!



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