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5 unexpected perks of parenthood

Of course parenting comes with all of the things you’d expect, such as the unconditional love of another human, and an overjoyed feeling every time your child reaches another milestone. But what about all of the benefits you DON’T hear mums gushing about?

Well here are my favourite unexpected perks of parenthood that I’m sure all of you mummies out there can relate to.

We get an automatic excuse for everything

Are you falling asleep at your desk? Refusing to acknowledge anyone at work? Failing to do simple everyday tasks? Well that’s fine because ‘you’ve been up all night with baby’. Nobody can question it, It’s a fail safe excuse that could pretty much get you off the hook for anything.

We have a constant supply of children’s snacks wherever we go

Are you feeling peckish? Well don’t worry because you should have an endless supply of milky buttons, jelly tots or any other form of children’s treats in your bag and around the house so you’re always covered.

You get to watch unlimited amounts of cartoons

Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy it! You get to make up for lost time by watching endless amounts of cartoons and kids TV. You also have a perfectly good excuse to go and see animated kids movies at the cinema without being judged. Life’s good!

Christmas becomes the most exciting thing in the world again

There’s nothing quite like Christmas time when you have young children. The magic certainly comes back, this has to be one of the most amazing parenting perks.

You appreciate the little things in life

Whether it be a cheeky 20 minute nap on the sofa, a bubble bath with the door closed or a nice cup of tea with some peace and quiet, it may not happen often, but when it does….. bliss!

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