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90’s Toys We Knew And Loved

by Bethany Collings

Being a grown up can suck. But why not relive your youth with these toys from your childhood? Who can say no to a little bit of nostalgia?

We all love a trip back to the happiest times in our lives.

I can’t think of nothing better than purchasing toys you adore when you were younger, claiming it’s for your kids and as soon as their heads it their pillows, there you are on the sofa… Playing with those toys!

A few of the toys featured below have been discontinued for a while, so if you do decide you want to own them again, just be mindful of prices.

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket was a small, hand sized toy. You would get a small Polly and inside the Pocket-shape shell would be her home or mall etc.

This type of Polly Pocket collectibles have since been discontinued due to suspected choking hazard.


I’m confident everyone knows how exhausting these were! Fun for about an hour, then if you didn’t keep up with it’s needs – you’d find out it’s dead. Morbid, I know!

Tamagotchi’s come in a huge variety of colours. They’re a digital pet, starting from an egg and then hatching. Your Tamagotchi would have a hunger meter, happy meter, bracelet meter and a discipline meter, all to determine how healthy and well behaved the pet is.

Love 2 Love Bears

Similar to Tamagotchi, just without the dying and re-spawning. These adorable little bears would light up every time you fed them.

I LOVED these as a child!

Bop It

Ever wanted to throw something at the wall in frustration? Then look no further.

Bop It was the ultimate toy that would make you rage and cry simultaneously, not mentioning the song stuck on repeat for the rest of the month.

Skip It

This little gem was the ankle breaker of all ankle breakers.

You would pop it on your foot and skip. You could walk or hop with this and if you missed your chance, you would sure know about it with the massive bruise on your foot.


Barbie has been around since 1959; 58 years ago! She has been there, done that and owned all sorts of creatures. She is the ultimate roll model for all young children, who if their mind is put to it, can accomplish anything.

Similar to Barbie, in the 90’s/early 20’s you had an alternative doll who looked and dressed completely different to the Barbie collections. They were called Bratz.


Give the tray a shake and turn the timer over, you then had three minutes to guess as many words as you possibly could.

If two or more players wrote the same word, it is removed from all players’ lists. And with a minimum three letter word, you could say things would get stressful!


Tickle Me Elmo

This cutie is based on the character, Elmo from the children’s TV show, Sesame Street. He was so adorable when  squeezed because he’d giggle and vibrate.

Betty Spaghetti

Betty Spaghetti was a huge hit until early 2000. Her features included rubbery hair so that children could make various hair styles and change her hands, feet, shoes.

I remember owning a stockpile of Betties, I had an unhealthy obsession to be honest!

Scene It

 This is a DVD game where players answer trivia questions about films or pop culture.

They have since made over 40 different “Scene It” styles and editions. You may actually own a recent version.

Has this sparked a long lost memory? Why not tell me in the comment section below.

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