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A Night Out At The Theatre

by Bump, Baby & You

Written by Rachel Kelly for her blog, Tiny Toes and Mummy Woes

I had a child free night out tonight. My mum looked after Amelia while I went to see my brother in the opening night of a musical he’s currently in ‘Sweet Charity’.  Me and Dan (Amelia’s dad) went together. Although we’re not together anymore I do still enjoy spending time with him and I’m glad we can still do things like that together and be friends. For both of us as well as for Amelia.

The show was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although I haven’t seen the musical before I’d most definitely see it again. (Which coincidentally I will be as  also accompanying my mum to see it again on Thursday!   ) Everytime I go to see a show like this though it makes me realise how much I miss being on a theatre stage. It’s such a great feeling and so much fun, I’m determined to get back up there asap. You just can’t beat the buzz of performing at all, I love it. And it’s always nice to hear feedback after a show too.

In other news today,  I have this evening changed Amelia’s pram from parent facing to world facing and I am heartbroken! She just didn’t seem comfortable in the car seat part anymore and I’ve been putting it off for a while so I thought it was time to bite the bullet. We’ll see how she likes it tomorrow, but I am literally dreading it. All I keep saying is “I don’t want her to go in a big girl pram!” It means my baby is growing up, but she’s doing it far too quickly for my liking! I love being able to see her and talk to her while I’m pushing her pram and now I can’t   She adores lights so I was particularly looking forward to watching her face light up while I pushed her around when all the Christmas lights start going up over the next few weeks. ( Yes I’m aware it’s October but you know they get earlier every year!)

Is this just me? Has anyone else really struggled with putting their baby from parent to world facing?? Or am I just an over emotional mummy?   Please tell me I’m not alone!


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