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A Poem About Post Natal Depression

How do I stay strong?

I feel you eating away at me

I hear you telling me i’m no good

Everyday harder than the last

“Paint your face and smile” that’s what I say

All I want is for just one person to ask “are you ok?”

But no one does

Why me?

Don’t be a victim. Don’t let it win

Easier said than done

Simple tasks become impossible

Brushing my teeth or brushing my hair

Not a chance. Not today my friend

Behind closed doors it’s easy to hide

Don’t let it win

How do I cope?

A good day here. A good day there

Grab it

Savour it

Embrace it

Is this the turning point?

Tomorrow will decide

Why do you love me?

9 months in my womb

Growing and listening

You look at me and I see the love in your eyes. I feel it

Darks days become brighter

You make me stronger

I won’t let this win

When will it end?

No one knows

Good days. Bad days

You need me

No matter what

Don’t be afraid. Don’t let it win

Your smile

Your laugh

Your nose

Your face

Your hair

Your toes

Your snores

Your love

That’s how I stay strong


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