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Addressing The Uncomfortable Question...

Events in recent years, surrounding Charlie Gard and now Alfie Evans, have brought an uncomfortable and difficult question to the surface, something that all parents need to address…

What would YOU do if faced with your child becoming so poorly that doctors want to remove intervention?

Without going into the ethics of it all – such a complex and multi-faceted topic – it’s a deeply personal decision, but one that parents very often haven’t discussed until they find themselves in those horrible shoes. You never think it will happen to you, but having your child’s other parent & family members on the same page will save any additional distress and uncomfortable discussions if that time ever came.

Personally, for me there is no right or wrong answer, whichever choice a parent makes is no reflection on their love for their child, it all boils down to how a parent perceives what is right for their child, but it is something we all need to sit down and talk about, even if it’s for one minute in the break between halves of Coronation Street.

Give your babies an extra kiss & cuddle today, we are so blessed to have them!

Love, light and hugs from Team BBY. Xx

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