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Autumn Activities With The Kids…

by Bump, Baby & You

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Is there anything more wonderful than looking at the beauty of Autumn through a child’s eyes?

There’s something magical about Autumn. From the crunchy piles of golden leaves to the beautiful foliage all around, it feels like Mother Nature is giving us a chance to really appreciate the world around us before winter sets in. It’s a perfect time for families to make the most of the time outdoors because Autumn is a treat for the senses, and kids learn and enjoy things best when their senses are stimulated.

As a mum of 3, I treasure the Autumn evenings and weekends because although the darker evenings and shorter days are around the corner, we all seem to want to make the most of this season. It’s a season my whole family enjoys. Somehow a walk to the woods or a bike ride to the park is more fun when there are leaves to rush through and woodland animals to spot. And our favourite things in Autumn include a visit to a farm or an Autumn festival, because there are animals and crafts to see, all kinds of flavours to taste and activities ranging from corn mazes to hay rides.

I find that my school-age children know so much about this season. Autumn celebrations is a topic they learn about in school. From Harvest Festival in the beginning of October, Diwali in the middle of October, Halloween at the end of October and finally Bonfire Night in the beginning of November, there are so many opportunities for celebration, and children know about them all. If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for what to do, ask the children to suggest something from what they’ve learned at school. They’re sure to have ideas for some fun.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun. Here are some Autumn family fun ideas that don’t cost a lot:

  • Turn a walk into an adventure by creating a scavenger hunt for the kids (you can find free printables on the internet or make up one of your own).
  • Make raking the leaves fun by building big leaf piles and take turns jumping in them.
  • Have a fire in the garden, get snuggly and warm and toast marshmallows together.
  • Try baking new Autumn recipes together and experimenting with flavours from the season like pumpkins, cinnamon and apples.

Finally, many family-friendly excursions and events that you can enjoy in the Autumn lead to opportunities to have even more fun together afterwards.  For example:

  • When on a walk, encourage the kids to collect leaves and Autumn treasures like conkers and acorns. Then later, make crafts like leaf wreaths or leaf rubbings or play sorting games with what they’ve found.
  • At an Autumn festival have the children select and buy apples and pumpkins, and then later, make apple pie, toffee apples and decorate the pumpkins together.
  • In the days before Halloween, have fun making decorations, carving pumpkins, and then enjoy Halloween itself by having a family party or trick-or-treating at the neighbours’ houses.

Autumn is a wonderful time for families because everyone will enjoy getting outdoors and exploring the world around them. No matter what you do, no matter how big or small an event, it’s the family time together that is special.


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