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Baby Names – Expectant Hits Of 2017

by Bethany Collings

Hey Mummies and Daddies!

Are you expecting a baby or know somebody who is? Are you a bit stumped for names? With one name on the rise with well of over 4,000% increase, here is everything you need to know to help you make an informed decision when naming your baba.

Trying to find a unique and unusual name can be pretty hard. Am I right? When I was pregnant I came up with all sorts of names, my biggest favourite was Ava. But over time I noticed it was pretty popular and it broke my heart.

Using NameBerry as my guide. They wrote ‘To find out, we measured which names clocked the greatest rise in page views in the first month of 2017 compared with last January. The results are astonishing: A whole raft of hot new names signal a major cultural shift in 2017.’ Their website is based on name findings, statics and doing the easy work for you. Definitely worth checking if you’re stuck for names.

Below are some of the names you will be hearing, pretty soon!


Tatjana, rise of +1508%

Alizeh, rise of +748%

Tahiti, rise of +551%

Moana, rise of +467%

Ines, rise of  +338%

Seren, rise of  +239%

Rosamund, rise of +237%

Alisha, rise of +178%

Samara, rise of +155%

Lilian, rise of +124%

Kyra, rise of +124%

Sutton, rise of +96%

Noor, rise of +92%

Arielle, rise of +83%

Reina, rise of +77%

Calista, rise of +74%

Marisol, rise of +70%

Arcadia, rise of +65%

Ophelia, rise of +62%

Zoey, rise of +58%

Bellamy,  rise of +58%

Natasha,  rise of +57%

Amara, rise of +55%

Saskia, rise of +54%

Portia, rise of +54%


Kyd, rise of +4141%

Benajah, rise of +2300%

Sulien,rise of +1656%

Koa, rise of +322%

Gunther, rise of +307%

Cassian, rise of +191%

Beauregard, rise of +147%

Albie, rise of +120%

Issac, rise of +114%

Lucien, rise of +87%

Ragnar, rise of +74%

Alden, rise of +73%

Dante, rise of +60%

Marcel, rise of +53%

Xander, rise of +52%

Bowie, rise of +48%

Kane, rise of +44%

Arrow, rise of +42%

Sherlock, rise of +41%

Mateo, rise of +40%

Franklin, rise of +40%

Sayer, rise of +37%

Cassius, rise of +35%

Callum, rise of +32%

Aurelius, rise of +32%

I don’t know about you, but I for sure haven’t heard of some of these for baby names.

In the comment section below, tells us what you think. Would you name your child any of these? Do you think they’re suitable for when they’re older? Let’s hear your say.

And as always, I hope you have a fabulous day!

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