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Bath Launches Baby Vision for NICU Families

by Bethany Collings

Hello Mummies and Daddies!

Have you heard of the new device that is sweeping the internet and touching the hearts of every parent of a NICU baby? Well you’re about to find out!

At the Princess Anne Maternity Unit at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, they have devised a plan so that new mums who are unable to see their baby after birth, can still get to see their baby right after birth. This is all done by the power of a tablet.

It’s such a simple, yet such an effective idea. It all works very simply – one tablet is positioned in front of or next to the baby, and a second is placed next to the mum’s bed so she can view her baby. They have called this, Baby Vision.

Unfortunately in normal circumstances you would have to wait until you were in better health (due to risk of infection) and your baby was in a stable condition. Waiting for your baby to become better is something that has no time limit. You could be sat in your hospital bed for three days straight and no baby beside you like the other mums on your ward. As you can imagine, this is something that is and will be in high demand in the future because I cannot imagine anything worse than not seeing your new baby.

Thankfully Bath Maternity want to help to change this problem for new mums.


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Amanda Gell, Midwifery Matron, the RUH said: “Listening to mums, who’ve been so disappointed that they’ve not been able to hold or see their baby after giving birth made us want to find a way for them to see their baby remotely. I’m delighted to see the idea become a reality. “Although it’s not quite the same as being together, using the tablets means that mums don’t have to feel like they’re missing out in those first few precious hours and days.”

Lisa Bowen from Bath, who’s the RUH’s first patient to use the technology said: “My baby boy Charlie was born by caesarean last week and as he had respiratory problems he was taken straight to NICU, so I didn’t get to hold him. “It all happened so quickly but my midwife was fantastic and she ensured I got to see Charlie using the tablet as soon as I was recovering from being in theatre. “I can’t put into words how it felt to see his little face on the tablet, it gave me the opportunity to bond with him and the tablet stayed with me until I was on the delivery ward. It’s amazing, absolutely brilliant!”

Amanda continued: “To hear Lisa’s experience is just fantastic. Using this technology focuses on who is the priority – mum and baby and it really helps towards further improving the quality of care here at the RUH.”


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So there you have it. An amazing idea that will be sure to help thousands of families worldwide! We just need this to be government funded and in every hospital in the UK.

I just want to thank Bath Maternity for allowing me to write this and I look forward to seeing more women finding comfort from this new innovation.

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