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BB&Y Favourite Nappies Of 2017

Choosing the best brand of nappy can be a struggle if you’re a first time Mum. With so many different places to purchase them, you just aren’t sure where is best to shop.

This was a huge hurdle for me when my daughter was first born. I was given so may different samples of nappies, I had no idea what was the best choice for my baby. I worked at Aldi and had heard so many positive reviews as people looked down at my blossoming bump and chose to stock up on them.

I have only had around 10 or 15 leakages, I found when she did leak in her nappies that it was time to possibly upgrade the size or check how it was put on and if done correctly. 9/10 it was put on in a certain angle and when she pooped, it went everywhere. So I have given everyone a quick course on how to make sure I don’t suffer poonami’s when I get home!

I spoke to Mums on our Support Group on Facebook to find out which nappies they rated as best. Reviewed by Mothers in our group, here is what they had to say:

Becky Clark said – Pampers baby dry, absolute winner if I’m honest. My 1 year has been in them since more or less newborn. We did try Aldi to start with but she’s always been a good sleeper and found they leaked at night.’

JoJo Holland said –We used Asda’s little angels from day one and loved them. Never had any leaks (unless dada put it on wrong?). We have just recently moved on to pampers nappy pants as our little boy is able to pull the tabs on normal nappies! Don’t find them to be just as absorbent as the asda nappies but at least he can’t get them off!’

Rosie Rushworth said – Tesco nappies are brilliant, they’re cheap (under £5) and just as good as any leading brands, I’ve found their sizing is different from Pampers, my daughter has size 5’s in Pampers but when i bought that size in Tesco they we’re too big, so I had to change them to size 4’s.

Emma Saunders said – Reusable nappies during the day and Tesco or Sainsbury’s for night.

Dannii Coshell said – ‘I love Lidl nappies but it’s not easy for me to get there when hubby is away so I use Pampers easy up pants with Amazon subscribe and save. I use the easy up pants and they’re not bad at all, they aren’t Lidl but they’re still pretty good. If money was no object though i would be switching to naty in a heartbeat.’

Did you know you could save money?

Did you know that Amazon actually send out monthly nappies to your door? You can choose from a one time purchase or the ‘Subscribe and Save’ service.


Costco, another huge brand also do bulk nappies for a smaller price than retail. They do both reusable and disposable brands so regardless of which you prefer, they cater. Their brands include Bambino, Pampers and Huggies.

You have to be a member to purchase online, so don’t forget to have your card handy!


If you’re already a member of the group, you can read all the other comments.

As you can finally see, Aldi came ranking highest but Pampers only a few votes behind.

Do you have a favourite brand? Don’t forget to share your favourite in the comments below!

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