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BBY Birth Announcements April 2017

New arrivals from the Bump, Baby & You community April 2017

A huge welcome to the world from everyone at Bump, Baby & You HQ. Well done mummies and daddies and wishing you all lots of sleep, cuddles and smiles.

Name: Ezra Moses
Gender: Girl
Date of Birth: 15th April 2017
Mummy’s Name: Sinead Elizabeth Pearce
What Mummy said: “I had a 30 hour Labour but totally worth it”

Baby’s Name: Harrison
Gender: Boy
Date of Birth: Sunday 9th April 2017
Time of Birth: 8.26am
Daddy’s Name: Paul Wignall
What Daddy said: “My world changed for the better on Sunday 9th April.. After speeding home from work at 0700am after a phone call from my wife saying she is in pain, baby Harrison was born at 0826am. I never thought I could love someone so much, these two people are my life.”

Baby’s Name: Chloe Ann Francis
Date of Birth: 20th of April 2017
Time of Birth: 10.25am
Mummy’s Name: Laurah Louise
Delivery: Born at 10:25am after 3 pushes by a gel induction & 10 hour labour due to reduced movements.

Baby’s Name: Elouise
Date of Birth: 17th April 2017
Weight: 5lb 4oz
Mummy’s Name: Kirsty Louise
What Mummy Said: “After the hospital sending me home 3 days in a row (went for reduced movements and I thought my waters were going) I had blood tests confirming I had obstetric cholestasis. Returned to the hospital 3 days later for the same reasons to be told after a examination that my back waters had gone when I thought they did. I had my full waters popped at 2am hand only one 45min contraction which ended up in me asking for an epidural as it was so intense. Got put in a gown and had my back prepped for it only to feel an urge to push… 9 minutes later my little beauty arrived! She was so quick I couldn’t believe it!”

BBY April Birth Announcement

Name: Oliver Ian
Gender: Boy
Weight: 8lbs 4oz
Mummy’s Name: Stephanie Dow
Birth Date: 21st April 2017
Birth Time: 10.58pm
Mummy said: “Went into labour at 9:30am little did I know that I would no what the true meaning of falling in love would be later that night.”

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