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Did you find out your baby’s gender?

by Lizzy Wood

Early on in my pregnancy I was carrying a big round bump all at the front. As it neared my 20-week scan, everyone I knew had placed their bets on the gender!

Practically everyone I knew guessed, boy. Excitedly me and hubby went along to the scan, waiting patiently for the sonographer to check all the important measurements with me dying to ask…can you tell me the sex? He turned his head and quickly said, yes; It’s a girl. There it was, a best friend for my entire life currently growing inside me. I laid there letting him carry on with the scan trying to stop the tears of happiness rolling down my face! It didn’t matter to me a boy or a girl, but finding out, wow that mattered! The bond I had with my baby suddenly grew so much deeper from that moment, although It’s hard to explain, I suddenly knew a large detail about my baby and my love increased further.

The following day I consulted my baby names book and decided I didn’t actually want to name my girl any of the names on the long lists I had written out previously. Then, out of the blue the name Emily came to me. I asked Mike his thoughts, and for the first time and he said “yeah, that’s ok”. It was so good to be able to call my bump a she, but then I could also call her Emily! I also chose to tell close family and friends the name I had chosen, luckily everyone either liked it or was too polite to say otherwise!

Knowing the sex for me then meant I could start buying things! Although I know we shouldn’t gender stereotype, I personally am a big lover of pink. I couldn’t wait to tell Mike I was painting the nursery pink, although I was only joking. We agreed on a pale yellow, but I soon added lots of hints of pink with flowers, hearts and butterflies! The only large item I went really pink on was our car seat, I couldn’t help it, I loved it. No-one argued and we got it! I bought some lovely wooden animal letters and spelt EMILY and put them up in her room.

My Mum started questioning whether or not I was sure It’s a girl which set in a slight shadow of doubt. Oh dear I thought, I’ve bought a lot of pink clothes and if he’s actually a boy, what will I do?! She went on to tell me about a couple of people she knew who had been told the wrong sex! Thanks Mum! Although these happened years ago, when I’m sure the scans weren’t as accurate. I would feel utter disappointment if a little boy popped out now, after all it was Emily in my tummy! I had a plan, because I was a high-risk pregnancy due to a couple of health issues, it meant I was under the consultant and had lots of scans during pregnancy. At my next two scans, I asked them if they would just double check for me if it was a girl. (probably explaining with a giggle, I had gone mad on pink things for her!) Yes, it was confirmed twice more.

That’s my story. I am of a personality though where I can’t keep a secret of my own and I like to be very organised. I couldn’t wait a minute longer to find out, rather than waiting 20 more weeks. The struggle to find colourful baby clothes would have annoyed me, rather than sticking with white and cream. I know lots of people who wait for the surprise and think it’s really lovely, but it’s not for me. Luckily Mike agreed and we weren’t split on this decision.

Through my business, I have designed a colourful print suitable for boys and girls because of those expecting a baby who are having a surprise. I recently met one mum-to-be who loved the clothing in this print and said oh this is perfect because we don’t know the sex. After a bit more talking she admitted she did actually know the sex but her husband didn’t, he wanted the surprise. How on earth could you keep that secret…I certainly couldn’t! 

So, did you want to find out the baby’s gender?

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