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Get Snap Happy On World Photo Day!

by Bump, Baby & You

Today is World Photo Day!

This feature is one that we think most of our mummy & daddy followers will relate to; photographs. Here we’ll take a look at World Photo Day is, the benefits of photography, and some photography ideas to inspire our followers to capture every little moment & find fun ways to do so!

What is World Photo Day?

World Photo (or World Photography) Day is dedicated to celebrating the history of photography, photographic art, and the joys of capturing moments. It’s held on the 19th of August every year.

What Are The Benefits of Taking Photos?

As parents, I’m sure we can all agree that making memories with our children is such an important aspect of raising a family. Taking photographs is a huge element of this in 2019 – these days, we rely on photographs to regale cherished memories, and most people enjoy opening a photo album to reminisce.

The biggest benefit of photography for us as parents is that we can now remember more, with more detail, and share these memories with future generations, as it’s all captured for us. It can also be a really fun family activity, especially if you’re adding an artistic element!

Tips & Inspiration For Celebrating World Photo Day…

World Photo Day is a great excuse to get inspired and snap happy with the kids, or perhaps set yourself a resolution to capture more moments with your babies. We’ve reached out to our online community for more insight to help inspire you…

These fabulous Instagram influencers also shared their favourite shots with us here; we love their photo compositions, perhaps you could take inspiration and have a home photo session?

We love this simple, beautiful snap by neveragrayday. Mummy & son look so relaxed and happy to be in the company of one another, and it’s a photograph that we’re positive they’ll enjoy looking back on in years to come. We think that her Instagram feed is a great example of beautiful candid photography.


Are you a little bit ‘extra’ and ‘out there’ with your snaps? If you have an artistic streak, you NEED to check this Instagram influencer out!

We love how michelle_elia_brown composes some of her photographs; she’s used the moment to be artistic and create stunning (and adorable) compositions with her baby!



We’ve had a chat with the mummies over in our Facebook Community…

We were sent loads of gorgeous snaps to share with you; from candid moments, to posed professional shoots, it’s pretty clear just how important photographs are to our mummies.

(Thank you to Victoria, Stephy, Zena, Melanie, Lucy, Ashleigh, Louise-Patricia, Lia, Caitlin and Sally for their contributions!)

One thing we noticed, though, is that hardly any of our mummies shared photographs of their babies with themselves in the shot too!

I say this from experience; it’s totally normal to feel self conscious and camera shy, but when you’re eighty and going through the photo albums with your future grandchildren, I promise you’re not going to notice the mum bun, the phlegm stain on your top, the tired eyes… You WILL notice the love, the connection and the happiness of the moment. Your grandchildren will be thrilled to see their grandma in what is, in their eyes, her prime.

Read our blog post on the importance of candid snaps here!

Ultimately, when it comes to taking photographs as a parent, it’s important to remember the following;

  • There is NO ‘right’ way; whether you prefer to snap candids, or like to cultivate a collection of planned and posed snaps, your way is the best way.
  • Remember that the ‘little things’ are just as important as big important occasions. That cute little smile your child is doing whilst doing something as simple as playing with a toy? Snap it. You’ll appreciate it as much as that nursery graduation photograph in a few decades!
  • Disposable camera, smartphone, expensive professional kit… It doesn’t matter, really. Well, if you’re planning on ordering a large canvas for display, a professional camera is advisable, but for your photo album, the equipment doesn’t matter.
  • Capturing photographs of your children is important, but it’s also important for them to have photographs with YOU for them to cherish as adults. As we’ve already said, you don’t need to be dolled up to the nines.
  • Love a filter? You do you!

We hope that this has helped to inspire you to take more snaps with your kids – happy World Photo Day!

Why not treat yourself to this gorgeous multi aperture frame – currently reduced! Click the image to see more.

Love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx


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