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Our House Is Not For Show. Don’t Like It? You Know Where To Go…

by Katie Hodgkins

 Written by Luca Russell for her blog, Just Luca.

So aye.

My house is a mess.

A constant mess. Why does a baby require so much stuff and why can the stuff never stay in a neat and tidy order? It seems since the day and hour we have brought Lochlann home, our house has turned into a shite heap/bomb site/ insert other phrases alike.

Not because the child himself is a messer, Christ he’s only 3 months, he can just about support his own head! But seriously, the past couple of Sundays the tiny turd has been shipped off to the grand parents so Josh and I have the house to ourselves to get stuck in and clean, we would do it whilst he’s there but he will sit in his bouncer for all of 5 mins then get bored and start yelling, so he will go under his play mat, last 10 mins under there, get bored and start yelling, hence we just give up and think, ahh I’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow never seems to arrive, so the laundry piles up, the dust piles up, more boke stains and slobbers land on the setee and carpet and they build up, the nappy bin begins to overflow and so on and so fourth, our humble abode gradually becomes a boke smelling, dust floating pig sty with the aroma of shitty nappies in the air.

However I must say, as I write this I am sitting in a nice clean and fresh smelling home, Lochlann went to granny and grandads for the day, so mummy and daddy grabbed the bull by the balls and sorted out the shite heap, kitchen cleaned, bins emptied, beds changed, washing put away, washing basket cleared, bathroom gleaming, GUTTED the little squires wardrobe out, all his 0-3 clothes switched for his 3-6 attire, (I’m still an emotional wreck over this, WHERE has my tiny baby gone :,,( ).

The sad thing is…..somehow, and I know for a fact, by the end of tomorrow, the place will be UPSIDE DOWN again.

Usually, I’d be so upset over this, I always maintained that a clean house is a happy house, but you know what, a clean house or a messy house, meh, who cares? There’s more important things in life than worrying about the way your house looks.

Our house is not for show, and if noone likes it, they know where to go! They can FECK OFF 

Our baby is looked after, thats all that matters. 

Please see below our life summed up in one picture, the twins, Josh and Lochlann ♡

Image may contain: 1 person, baby and close-up

 Written by Luca Russell for her blog, Just Luca.


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