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How Do I Cope?

I get asked this a lot, how do I cope? How do I manage having my husband at work and remain at home with the three children during the summer holidays and half terms.. how do I cope with three children in general because lets face it, It’s not just the children I look after, It’s the house, Its the cleaning and It’s the cat.

My husband travels a lot, he has days when he’s off to London for a game related event and I am tasked with the bed time routine all by myself which isn’t an impossible feat, I did a string of tweets a while back talking about how we could easily be both at home or that I could go off to work and.. Honestly… I don’t want that.. I like being the at home parent, Obviously this isn’t knocking on any working mums either, we all parent differently and I like being at home and being the ‘housewife’.

I never intended this to be the way, before I was pregnant with my first child I was working, and I worked hard! I liked working but I unfortunately and unfairly sacked by both my previous jobs, I wont go on about the first one but the second one was truly unfair and unjust..  (I was fired because I accepted a £20 that as it turns out was a fake, we was told to use this special pen to test only £50 notes and nothing smaller)..

But around 3 weeks after that I discovered I was pregnant with my now 7 year old and while I did the odd agency jobs while pregnant.. once he was born we both sat down and talked about what would be best for all of us and it was that I remain at home and look after him and of course we had our second child 18 months later..

Before we even started thinking about baby 3 I wanted to go back to work, the plan was that once A had entered full time education, I was going to get myself a little job during the day while they went to school.. but like any plans, things get in the way.. and that was R.

So I am back at the start of the stay at home parent line, Mr S goes off to work and I am at home making sure everything is in order and that everyone is fed and happy and honestly I am very happy with this situation, I have talked about it before but in recent years I have developed some form of social anxiety, and I prefer that I don’t have to go out and talk to people I don’t know daily, Although id imagine once i get over that first hurdle i would be okay.. its just taking that first step its the hardest.

So… back to the question at hand.. ‘how do i cope?’… the answer is that I just do, if I didn’t then nothing would get done, I trust my husband when he goes to these events, and I just get on with it while hes gone, yes I miss him but if he was here all the time then .. well .. he would drive me mad!
I am very proud of him working so hard for us to be able to let me be the stay at home parent and I very much enjoy being at home with the children..

Until next time

Mummy Cat.


Taken from my blog:

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