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How To Design Your Own Tree Of Life

by Bethany Collings

Hellooooooo my gorgeously readers!

Have you seen this trend that is sending everyone crazy?

These captivating images are breaking the hearts of every breastfeeding mummy. Many who feed alternatively have also jumped on this empowering ball that just keeps on rolling. This has gone so viral that it has actually broken the internet! Woohoo!

The Tree Of Life originally came from a diagram. It symbolises how your boobs change and adapt when you start to produce milk. When looking at the image below you can see what appears to be roots, this is where the concept of the tree growing from breast to baby has ‘stemmed’ from (yes pun intended – I’m here all week!).

Click image for source.

Click image for source.

Obviously I know a lot of other women who bottle feed or even tube feed have started to follow this trend. I haven’t written this to insult anyone, just wanted to share my happiness and the background to why this started up in the first place.


My daughter, Phoebe.

So, want to know how you can do this too? Well look no further because I have written a quick guide for you!

Step One

Starting from the basics, download PicsArt then choose the picture you want.

Download the Tree Of Life add on, and then press edit.

Step Two

At the bottom, then tap on the sticker icon and choose your favourite tree image. Add it on, mess around with it and get it to how you want it placed.

Step Three

Once you have it to how you want, if you want to rub out a few branches/stalks you can press the eraser icon to help get rid of anything you don’t want.

Finally, Step Four

 Click onto ‘Magic Effects’ and choose whichever capture’s your heart. After you have chosen the effect, tap ‘Apply’ and then save to your camera roll.

For example;


Thank you to Amy Sheppard for sharing.


Thank you to Hannah Millington for sharing.

 You could choose the ‘Midnight’ effect.


Thank you to Courtney Wilkins for sharing.


Thank you to Kerry Young for sharing/

You could choose the ‘Winter Wonderland’ effect.


Thank you to Megan Lee for sharing.


Thank you to Sam Jones for sharing.

You could choose the ‘Rainbow’ effect.


Thank you to Bryony Challoner for sharing.


Thank you to Madi Vaja for sharing.

You can use the ‘Haze’ effect.

I hope this quick tutorial will help. Thank you to the parents for allowing me to showcase their gorgeous photo’s and I hope they all get them framed.

To those who I couldn’t fit in please continue to share your pictures, whether you could or couldn’t breastfeed – I hope you’re proud. You are all amazing Mummies and Daddies, it isn’t dictated in the way you choose to feed your baby.

If you have any pictures you want to share, then please post them below!

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