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How To Have A Great Holiday With A Baby

After going through pregnancy, labour, sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, and all the highs and lows of parenting you’re no doubt ready for a good holiday.

But are you looking forward to it? Or feel stressed out thinking about stepping out of your comfort zone and venturing out with your baby?

Lots of parents avoid travelling when they have babies because they worry about changing routine, packing up the mountain of baby equipment, and what happens if something goes wrong. But your adventuring days don’t need to be over, they just need a little more planning. 

We hope these tips help you plan a smoother trip and a stress-free holiday with your baby.

The right age to travel

Holidays with babies of different ages need different kinds of planning. There’s never a right age for travelling with a baby, but you might want to avoid big transition periods like weaning (around 6 months) or potty training (around 2.5 years) as it adds another level of stress. Travel with tiny babies can be easy as they’re super portable and tend to sleep a lot. And once you’re into toddler zone they’re a little easier to keep occupied.

Select your holiday destination carefully

Choosing the right travel destination can make or break your holiday. You might need to adjust your expectations if your usual holiday spots are full of clubs or some remote mountain. Look for places that are interesting yet baby-friendly. Can you push a pram around?  Are there changing rooms readily available? What about access to baby supplies or hospitals? And when you’re booking look out for places with baby equipment already there - fewer things for you to lug around.

How you get there

Is the destination easy to reach? Can you drive or reach the destination with a single flight? Long-distance or multiple changes can be tricky for you and your baby to handle. 

Travel light

Travelling light with your baby might sound impossible but carry as little as possible. It might be time to ditch a few of your gadgets or that pile of books you used to sit on a sun lounger and read. Save space for essential baby items and lighten your own load. 

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Skip the school hols

This is a great time to travel outside the school holidays. Skip the long queues and cramped airports and choose flights that suit your baby’s routine. 

Don’t forget to chuck a few extras in your change bag for the flight, nappies, toys and a change of clothes come in handy. It might feel like a very different kind of holiday experience but it’s an amazing way to make memories as a family. 

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