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I Can Smell Christmas Around The Corner!

Written by Debbie Jones for her blog, Messy Little Monkey.

I absolutely love this time of year. The clocks have gone back, it’s getting darker and the fireworks has been and gone. I can officially now snuggle up on the sofa, in my soft jammies and lovely fluffy blankets. img_9314

Winter is here and even though I hate being cold and I hate the rain and I am looking forward to those cosy winter nights as a family watching a cheesy DVD and eating warming comfort food. There is one other thing I love about this time of year too and that’s CHRISTMAS!!

Christmas is getting so close and I am really excited about it this year.

It is Alex’s first Christmas this year and even though he is only going to be eight and a half months old – I am still looking forward to taking him to see Santa, unwrapping presents and just wake up as a family of three on Christmas morning.

I have bought him a few little Christmas outfits. I have got an elf hoodie from Next Outlet and I bought a two pack of reindeer PJS from Tesco. I didn’t want to go OTT with Alex but I still wanted him to look super cute and I am sure he will do. (Obviously I am going to be biased!)

People think I am crazy to talk about Christmas this year – but I normally prepare for Christmas around August! I do that for one reason – its not cheap!

Being on maternity leave, I am making sure that I budget right throughout the year as normally myself and my husband normally splurge on all presents in one go! Not saying that we couldn’t do that this year but means we are within our limits and we can enjoy a drink or two without having to worry about our bank account. We are not one of those couples who buys so much food for our household, that it lasts until next year! I think that last year we spent our normal food shop, which we were pretty pleased with and still had the luxuries that we normally don’t buy throughout the year. I was gutted though, as I was pregnant I couldn’t have wensleydale and cranberry cheese! This year I think I am going to have double of it! I have ordered something with that cheese for my Christmas meal.

Jason’s Christmas party is away in Exeter this year so its the first time I am going to leave Alex to stay overnight with my Mum & Dad. I am nervous about leaving him – not that I don’t trust my parents – its just knowing that your child has been by your side for so long; it will feel strange not having him there. It will allow me to get used to him not being around as after Christmas I will be going back to work and he will be going to nursery three days a week.

I want Christmas to be a special time for our family – A special time for which my children love spending time with us, their family and close ones. I have grown up in a big family which we all used to get together, eat food, play games and just enjoy time together. That’s what its all about.

I wont be going crazy with Alex’s presents this year as he wont understand what is actually going on but it will be memories for us which will make it special.

I am sure that many of you have great traditions, and I am hoping to make them with my family too. Stockings will be making a reappearance like I had when I was younger and I am going to make a fabulous Christmas Eve buffet after Jason’s finishes work.

I am so excited!! I am sure this wont be the last post!

Debbie xx
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