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How I Know The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

by Katie Hodgkins

Me and my son are truly cut from the same cloth. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘character’ apparently, it can get lonely being one of a kind in your family. I never imagined my little boy would be the clone of his daddy but be all mama inside – here the ways in which I know the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!


HELL HATH NO FURY like me when I am ‘hangry’ (hungry and angry), and Max really has inherited this trait. The child is very tall and lean but eats extremely well and is very vocal when it’s time for munch.

From day one, he has completely bypassed whinging for food and gone straight to full blown roaring. Quite like me at the grand age of 25…


I’m from Irish stock, I come from a background of firey Irish women who speak their mind, and I do have a wicked temper on me. My fiance and baby daddy, Toby, is as mellow as they come (with rare exceptions), so we are like Yin and Yang, fire and ice, and it suits us completely.

Max? Definitely a rage machine like mummy. The child knows what he wants, when he wants it, and if he’s not allowed it, well… put on the ear muffs!


He. does. not. stop. moving.

Apparently this is normal. Well, after seeing him with lots of other babies of the same age… Max takes hyper to an ENTIRELY new level. I’ve always been very hyperactive, much to the annoyance of many people. He’ll definitely need to do a sport when he’s older to tire him out…


Rather than playing with toys, I always wanted to deconstruct everything, have a fiddle and learn the inner workings, and then move on to the next thing. Max is exactly the same! Sod the hundreds of pounds worth of toys… give him wires, a box and other random brickabrack.

This makes me wonder whether he is destined to be an engineer or technician one day…

We LOVE spicy food

When Max was about 8 months old, he stole some food off my plate; a SUPER spicy chicken goujon. I have a high spice threshold, so I panicked but I needn’t have worried as the kid devoured the entire thing and begged for more.

His nappy the next morning was… *fun*!

 We love shiny things

Balloons, sparkly light shades, cutlery, my glasses, mobile phones, shiny foil balloons, house keys… the pair of us are magpies.

It can be a pain though, when he steals the house keys to play with them and then hides them somewhere completely random!

Of course, he’s like his dad in some ways too…

Trumpy, burpy, messy and both complete cuddle monsters!

In which ways are your kids just like YOU or their other parent? Comment and let us know!

Thanks for reading! Love from Katie. Xx


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