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Below was my first ever blog post. I thought it would make sense for it be my first post on here too as it really is what inspired me to begin my blogging journey. 


Have you ever experienced one of those split second moments where your life seems to go into slow motion and what seems like an hour was only one short fragment of time?


Well that’s how I felt when I found out that I, Anna Austin, the 21 year old who had only been in her new job for a matter of months, found out that there was a tiny cluster of cells nestling into my womb, soon to be a baby!


The emotions that went through my body when I heard the words ‘you’re pregnant’ were indescribable. A huge smile, and then a surge of panic – am I ready to be a parent? Which almost instantly followed with a fleeting feeling of guilt…How could I think even the slightest negative thought about this magical thing happening inside of me.


All of this matched with the smile on my boyfriend’s face, ear to ear, watching him also take in the millions of thoughts, feelings and emotions that seem to rush through your body like a wave of electricity you have no control over.


Now, 20+6 weeks, I feel like I can talk openly and honestly about my pregnancy and all the things that come with it when you feel so young, unprepared and really are 100% well and truly ‘winging it’. I mean all mums seem to say ‘no one is ever READY to have children’ which I think Is so true, it’s just hard to imagine that anyone else could feel the same way that you do.


I am new to this but I am so excited to start this journey and hope to motivate (or just give some entertaining reading) to other people as well as talk freely and honestly about the scary and exciting times ahead! I will be uploading weekly with the aim to squeeze in a few extras here and there, updating on my personal journey and keeping up with everyone else’s.


If you like what you see so far please do share and follow, here’s to upcoming posts and all the adventures ahead. Thank you for reading my blog!


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