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Learning To Drive: With A Baby And Anxiety

by Bethany Collings

Heyy Guys and Gals!

I keep being asked how I managed to fit driving lessons in and around my daughter. Then at the same time handle my anxiety. Well I’m going to tell you how and hopefully be able to help you too!

I tried lessons when I was pregnant but my baby would become lodged in my hips and I wouldn’t be able to lift my leg to change gears or break. In the end I became too big to attempt anymore lessons. I was convinced that I was going to pass before she got here, but I ended up passing when she was 10 months old.

You will find when driving that you’re only comfortable in one pair of shoes, you wear them in until they are the bear minimum and you start looking like you cannot afford new shoes because these are the only ones you feel confident in.

One hour lessons every few days helped me greatly. It would cost £200 for 10 hours. I would do 2 a week, both one hour sessions. This allowed Phoebe to be babysat by someone whilst I was away and it was super easy to time feeds prior so there would be no upset when I was gone.

DON’T FORGET – Show Me Tell Me questions. Watch YouTube videos and chalk up on your knowledge.

Learn your instructors car inside and out if you choose to take the test in his/hers. Take a picture of the interior and under the bonnet, it helped me. Same goes for your car if you chose that instead.

What Helped Me Passed:

  • Rescue Remedy and Paracetamol
  • Peeing before test
  • My comfy driving shoes
  • Driving licence
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Asking instructor to repeat if needed
  • Lots of revision

I thought I would be anxious about driving on my own with my daughter. But thankfully, the first time I had my sister with me. And then on the occasion where it was just me and the baby, it wasn’t too scary! I was really excited, calm and naturally pretty nervous. I ended up doing a 5 hour journey to Sunderland only a week later! Crazy, huh?

If you with your anxiety is certain situations or even 24/7. I would recommend speaking to your doctor about taking medication for when you start to panic or if something long term is possible. NOTE: It doesn’t make you ANY less of a Mum/Dad, just throwing that out there. I was on anti-depressants for a long time and have only recently felt ready to stop.

If your New Years Resolution was to pass your test, just like mine was, then keep to doing your lessons. I didn’t feel ready first time around, but I nailed it second time with only 4 minors! I failed at the very end of my first test because I was too wide on the left hand reverse. Funnily enough, I had to do it on my second test too! I thought I had clipped the curb so stopped, turns out it was just my anxiety and it was perfect.

So don’t doubt yourself. Please, don’t.

If you have a test coming up or have recently had one, let me know how you’ve gotten on and if you’re prepping for one – GOOD LUCK!

I really hope this has helped you all and that you’re able to swap you ‘L’ plates for ‘P’ plates.

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