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Life Before & After Becoming A Mummy

by Steph George

Soo I was on my time-hop today, and it took me back, way back (well actually it was only really like 2years ago..) to before I was pregnant and had Joshie! My life now is so soo different.. so I thought I’d share some comparisons with you all..


Before Josh: Either.. fuelled with alcohol and a night out dancing to cheesy music and teaching the macerena to complete strangers, or a nice meal out with Neil on our own or watching a whole film in peace with some ice cream or chocolate.

Now: Iggle piggle on my TV until Joshua gets fed up and goes to play with his piano and sing down his microphone till 9pm and then going to bed. Absolutely shattered! Sometimes can sneak a chocolate in if I hide in the kitchen so Joshie doesn’t see me!


Before Josh: Going to different pubs/restaurants looking at the menu in peace, ordering your food, sit and have a chat about general life, eat your dinner and leave.

Now: Generally we always go to Toby Carvery as we know what we’re having before getting there.. taking lots of toys to entertain Josh, getting our dinner one by one… whilst everyone in the pub coos and talks to Joshie, even whilst your eating your dinner!


Before Josh: Get keys, purse & phone and leave the house.

Now: Pack a days worth of food/snacks, drinks, nappies, wipes, change of clothes and cram it all in Joshuas bag. Chase Joshua around the house trying to put on his shoes. Go to find a dummy, shoe has now came off.. put shoe back on child, open the door, armed with possessions, put the stuff in the car. Go back to  get Joshua, hes half way up the stairs..bring him back downstairs.. oh now hes pooed.. go to get a nappy and wipes, Joshua is back half way up the stairs. Collect child and proceed to changing him whilst he thinks its hilarious to kick you in the boob and watch you say ouch a million times. Get Joshua redressed, carry him to the car, put him in the car and leave.


Before Josh: Have a nice long shower, washing my hair, shaving my legs, in complete silence, then going to pick out an outfit, maybe having a couple of outfit changes to see what looks best for the day, putting on makeup, doing hair with a bit of music playing in the background.

Now: The most stressful time of the day!! Make sure he has enough toys to entertain him in the 5mins I’m out of the room to have the quickest shower ever, whilst he stands at the gate and screams for me. No time for shaving my legs, will have to wait for a time the OH is in for me to do that. Get out the shower with bubbles still in my hair as its not worth listening to him scream any longer. Grab the first lot of clothes in site, and put the minimal amount of makeup on to make myself look less dead/tired than I do. Constantly take things off Joshua that he shouldn’t have. Cbeebies on in the background.


I could honestly go on forever. My life has changed dramatically, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! He drives me crazy! But I love him so much, my cheeky boy!


Steph xx

Taken from my blog.


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