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Lily Loathes - Pavement Parkers and Poopers

Written by Joanna Johnston for her blog, Lily B and Me.

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An open letter (rant) to all the pavement parkers and poopers.
It’s in the name really,  ‘FOOTPATH’
Now if it were called ‘car park’ or ‘poop bin’ then I would have no argument.
But it’s not.
This rant has been building for a while, and it’s been done before by many, but today was the last straw.
I LOVE walking. There’s nothing better than getting wrapped up in our woolies, packing a flask of hot cocoa and heading to the park.
What I don’t expect on these trips is to be shoved out to push my pram along the road because some inconsiderate a’hole has parked right up on the FOOTPATH, ignoring the free car park not 20ft away because god forbid they should have to walk an additional 30 seconds to their car.
If you are a pavement parker, consider this.
 What about wheelchair and mobility scooter users?
What happens when they come across your car while out and about, and can’t get through. What about when they can’t cross to the other side of the road to use the FOOTPATH because the path is elevated and isn’t even with the road until about 30 yards away so they have to go back the way they came, because you couldn’t park 30 seconds away.
And let’s not forget the POOPERS!
This morning I had the pleasure of cleaning someone else’s 
dog poop off my hall floor. It’s bad enough cleaning my own dog’s poop. 
But some delightful individual left their dog’s dinner on the FOOTPATH and it hitched a lift into my house on the wheel of the pram.

We live in an area where this is a huge issue. With being on maternity, I am home a lot more and spend a lot of time going to activities with Lily, by foot. I am seeing these issues on a daily basis and it makes me so mad.
So if you’re a driver or a dog owner, consider everyone else, and respect the footpath.
Scoop the poop and park in the CAR PARK.
Joanna and Lily
and all the footpath users.
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