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Mum allegedly names her baby Covid

It happens all of the time, celebrity names their baby something completely out there and the world erupts. Who can forget when Victoria and David Beckham named any of their children; Brooklyn, Romeo & Harper Seven.

We all had something to say about it. Love or loathe, they rightly become for the most part ‘accepted.’ I mean it’s only a name right?!

But what happens when someone names their child after a virus that has killed 100,000s people around the globe?

Surely this is a step too far?

On March 17th Twitter user @ninacayosa posted this… “Saw a message where one of the maid’s daughters gave birth last March 15 (start of the lockdown) & you’ll never guess what they named their NEWBORN CHILD……. COVID BRYANT”

As expected the tweet went viral generating a lot of attention.

One user replied “This is a kid getting bullied waiting to happen” and another “This couldn’t be more 2020”

So what do you think? An appropriate way to remember that some good still happened during this terrible crisis or a bad idea? Let us know in the comments.
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