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Mum Forced Out Of Cafe Due To Crying Baby

A mum has been forced to leave a cafe in London due to her crying 3 month old baby!

The mother, accompanied by her friend, was enjoying a trip to the Brick House Bakery in East Dulwich when her small baby became unsettled.

The version of the story from the cafe is that she was ‘only’ asked to step outside and then chose to leave, whereas mum and her friend claim that she was explicitly asked to leave.

Whether she was asked to leave as they claim, or asked to go outside as the cafe claims, either way she was made to feel unwelcome and forced out!

A friend of the mama has been quoted as stating;

‘It was three minutes of crying which the mother was trying to settle and she was stressed about it as it was.

‘Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that a three-month-old baby cries, if this had been a first time mother she would have left in tears.

‘We were not even offered paper bags for the food that had just been purchased.

‘Totally on board with a crying baby being annoying but a friendly, “Would you mind popping outside to see if baby quietens, you can leave your just purchased food here” would have sufficed. A little compassion goes a long way.’

The cafe has responded to online criticism with the following statement;

“If you have visited you would have been to our cafe you would know that our attitude to babies does not stink. At any given time, there are a number of babies in the cafe.

“We provide high chairs, changing facilities, happily warm bottles and make babycinos and have no problem with breast feeding. But, we are a cafe not a crèche, and we have been getting an increasing number of complaints from (paying) customers about babies crying.

It’s not something we relish or enjoy, quite to opposite in fact, but our goal is always to keep the majority of our customers happy and protect our business.”

Whilst I can appreciate the need to keep all their customers happy, there are far better and more sensitive ways to deal with situations like this; alienating an entire group of customers (mummies) really isn’t the way forward!


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