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Mum Shares X-Ray To Highlight Danger of Uncut Grapes

You may have already heard that uncut grapes are a huge choking hazard for young children.

Well, this x-ray illustrates just how serious this danger is – yikes!

Blogger Angela Henderson, who runs her blog Finlee + Me, who is also a clinician, shared this image of a 5 year old patients mishap with a grape to warn parents about the dangers, and to beseech parents to ensure they cut the grapes small enough that they can’t get stuck.

The child in this image required surgery under a general anaesthetic but ultimately survived. He’s extremely lucky – grapes are the third biggest choking factor in choking deaths in children under the age of 5!

How should I cut grapes for my child?

  • Length-ways – NEVER width-ways
  • In half is good, in quarters is even better.

I hope that this info helps to keep your little one safe!

Love from Katie. Xx

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