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My ‘Bad Parenting’ Moments (We ALL Have Them)

by Laura Beth Davis

I saw a Mummy last night getting bashed for venting on Facebook. She voiced what I’m sure every single parent has thought at one time or another. In what parenting book does it say that as soon as you become a parent you stop being human? So here’s a fun few ‘bad parent’ moments from me in the hope the lady who posted last night sees this and feels better about herself.

1. I go to the toilet even if I don’t need it. I tell my husband I need a poo just so I can stay up there a little longer. The silence is golden.

2. I recently had day surgery. I was praying they would keep me in over night. Just one full night sleep. That’s all I ask for. I’d brought a book, cosy pjs and food for the night. I sulked all the way home when they discharged me the same day!

3. I do LOTS of night feeds. Sometimes I pretend I’m asleep so my husband has to do it. I’ll even throw a snore/snort in there for authenticity.

4. I once poured 6 pints of milk down the sink so I could go to the shop. Once there, I had a sandwich. If anyone asks the queue was huggge! It was so good to eat something without it being taken off me.

5. Talking about food. My child will only eat off my plate. And spits every second mouthful out onto the plate. If I had a pound for every FFsake I’ve muttered under my breath when this happens I’d be £730 richer. (She’s two)
There are many many more…..

I laugh, I cry, I become angry, I get frustrated and I even want to throw myself down a few stairs sometimes for a night off. But I love my children. I didn’t become a robot the day I became Mum.


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