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My Daily Rituals

Written by Amy Hignett for her blog, My Baby & Me.

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Lately I’ve been having a phase where my life is a little out of control and I’m unable to organise it all in my head – make sense?  There is NOTHING worse than so many things going on and going wrong all at once and it is so difficult to make sense of it all, process it and deal with it. You try to get one thing straight and shit, something else goes wrong and it carries on in a little cruel cycle. It happens to all of us where we feel as though we can’t come up for air or we feel we are drowning in problems and worries… As they say, bad luck does come in 3’s. Only for me, it’s been 100’s, haha. Life can sometimes just get at us! We think ‘right wake up, it’s a new day’ only for it to bring more bad news…

So I decided enough was enough and take back some control! I can’t control things going wrong or not the way I planned, it’s part of life sometimes so instead of stewing on it and feeling down I have been working on some little rituals to help make my life feel a little less messy and to help gain some organisation and serenity;

1. Smile
By this I mean smile on purpose, like you mean it. Look in the mirror and smile your happiest smile. Trust me, you will laugh rather than smile because you will feel like an idiot but it gives a little light and happiness. (Even if it means laughing at yourself)

2. Wake up, open the curtains and make the bed right away.
Even when it is grey and gloomy outside, natural light makes me feel happy and open rather than closed in and miserable! And nothing makes me happier than coming to a bed that’s made and it looks so much more tidy and cleaner in the day.

3. Give yourself some self-love. 
Sometimes we can get all wrapped up in life so that we don’t have time for us! Put on a face mask, spend some time with yourself – spend a little longer on your make up or hair, anything just give yourself 10 minutes a day to yourself. Surely just about anybody can spare 10 minutes a day just to focus on something for yourself or even if it is just to be quiet and think about nothing.

A good tip for everyone;
Look yourself in the mirror or take a selfie and I want you to stare it at it and say something good about yourself, tell yourself what you like about what you see even if it is one thing and do it every single day especially when you’re down and even if you don’t see results right away, you will eventually if you stick to it.

4. Get yourself up and moving!
Motivation can be so hard to find but force yourself to get out the house even if it’s a 10 minute walk. Or even get yourself moving in the house, do a big clean, change your room around. Just get moving to feel like you’ve done something. You will feel the difference.

5. Have at least ONE coffee!
Lattes get me through the hardest days! If you don’t like it; you should! Amazing stuff haha.

6. Love harder on the hardest days.
Try not to shut yourself off. Show more love than you ever have on the shittest days, you won’t regret it.

7. Remember how lucky you are. 
Even if you’re not feeling too lucky, you’re lucky for something compared to some who have nothing. Your home, children, partner, family; remember your successes and always remember the ones who love you.

8. Remember to take one day at a time.
One job on the checklist at a time and set realistic goals so you feel a success and organised rather than disappointed that you got nothing done, especially those with children! Ticking all the 100 things off on the to-do list isn’t usually going to get anything done. So set yourself just one good thing you want to achieve that day (even if you don’t get to achieve it, there is always tomorrow).

So there are my 8 rituals to try every single day! Especially for those bad ones! Definitely give it try, or make your own little rituals. They helped me to clear the mind and keep the soul going, they can help you feel a little more complete, happy, organised or at least satisfied. I never knew I would be a person to even rely on rituals or ever took much thought to it until recently and now I wouldn’t go back!

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