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'New Mums Are Lazy For Not Losing Their Babyweight'

Gaz from Geordie Shore has upset millions of new mummies with his derogratory comments about baby weight, in the wake of his girlfriend losing her 2 stone of baby weight in TEN DAYS after having her baby!

After his girlfriend Emma was criticised for endorsing the use of of a meal replacement company (who we won’t name) and crediting it for her rapid weight loss, Gaz jumped on the defensive with this rant [SIC]…

“All the negative comments are coming from people who when pregnant used the excuse to eat everything under the sun because they were (eating for 2) had a kid then realised s**t I can’t shift this weight…

“No one is saying bad stuff to you for feeding your baby unhealthy s**t throughout your pregnancy (take aways, chocolate, pizza) yet you hate on someone eating healthy throw there’s. Jesus.

Women I will never understand you have all lost the plot… and it’s easy to lose that weight etc.”

Erm… wow!

A) He’s assuming that people disagreeing are unhealthy when in fact they are probably living a healthy balanced lifestyle, which meal replacement shakes really are not.

B) Meal replacement shakes in pregnancy and breastfeeding are actually not medically advised or recommended at all by Public Health England, and professionals such as Dr Rana Conway who is the Nutritionist for Made for Mums – it is irresponsible to tout it to pregnant women, new mums and breastfeeding mums. Way to play on the insecurity of women who’ve just gone through the hardest time of their lives.

C) Gaz, until you grow some boobs and a vagina that can pop out an entire human being, you have no place dictating to us, and you have NO idea how hard it is for the majority of new mums to shift their baby weight! It is absolutely shocking (not to mention hypocritical) that a BLOKE who thinks powdered milkshake counts as a healthy lifestyle is trying to tell women what’s what.

Without meaning offence, she is gorgeous but don’t set your girlfriend on a pedestal. You’ll find the majority of new mums really struggle to lose their baby weight, it’s not a reflection of not ‘working hard enough’.

PS. The shakes shouldn’t be used during breastfeeding either as Emma claims on Instagram, as they’re not a full and balanced diet. It’s recommended that a breastfeeding mum needs 500 extra calories per day. It’s irresponsible to claim otherwise to your followers on social media!

What do you think? Are you raging at the cheek of him, or do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

Love from Katie. Xx

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