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Next Star Mums Causes Uproar Due To Lack of Diverse Judges

Next Official has issued a public apology on Instagram in light of their campaign which many of their followers feel was not only unfair but lacked diversity in their choice of judges. We want to hear your views!

The aim of Star Mums is to find a worthy applicant who has battled, fort and ‘deserves’ to win. They will be honoured at a very special prize-giving lunch at London’s luxurious Dorchester Hotel on Thursday 8th March.

But many mothers took to social media to air their frustrations that Next and Hello were making mother compete to see who was better. Some applicants have suffered losses or experienced dreadful diagnoses.

Not only did many feel that motherhood isn’t a competition, but they also couldn’t believe that it was an all-white panellist. No women of colour, women of disability or women of size.

This years panellist is Kimberley Walsh, Binky Felstead, Kate Silverton, Mother Pukka (Anna Whitehouse) and Izzy Judd.

One commenter called them out by saying: ‘Seriously? Firstly, this ‘panel’ is clearly lacking in any kind of diversity. Secondly, thanks for the offer to enter your competition but as a mum, I’m already judged enough. I don’t need 2 big brands and a panel of other mum’s jumping in on the act.

One upset user said: ‘Why are there only white, wealthy, slim, cishet, able-bodied women here? There’s no diversity here at all it’s sickening.’

Last years panellist complied with Jessica Knowles, Natalie Pinkham, Kimberley Walsh, Penny Lancaster, Rebecca Adlington and Kate Silverton.

Next Official released this statement below on Instagram at 12am on 2nd March 2018.

Hello Magazine are yet to release a statement.

But many felt that their PR team’s apology was faked and their feelings hadn’t been taken into consideration at all.

One user commented: ‘Looool this was definitely written by the PR manager en route home on the train after work drinks. This apology is not even genuine just a quick scramble to “ stop “ the comments…’

Another asked: ‘ Did an intern write this?’

How do you feel about this Hello and Next campaign?

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