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It's OK To Moan About Parenting Sometimes!!

Parent rants; why so controversial?

Waaaaaay too often, when surfing the internet (man I sound old using that phrase!), browsing through the many forums and groups that make up the online parenting community, I see parents jumped on and attacked for daring to have a little whinge about parenting life.

‘You should be grateful to even have kids!’

‘There are people out there who are childless and would kill to be in your shoes!’

‘You knew what you were signing up for.’

Yes, I’m grateful; I was always told I’d likely never be a mum due to fertility issues, so for me this gratitude is SO profound. Wow. Just look at this marvellous little man who grew in my belly against all odds.

I am wholeheartedly, intensely aware of my fortune.

However, this does not invalidate my right to have a little vent and destress! This does not mean I cannot have a bitch fit about Max destroying the place after I’ve spent hours cleaning because it MAY offend someone who is struggling to conceive. It does NOT invalidate my genuine feelings and emotions and it does NOT take away the fact that sometimes, I do get fed up and annoyed just like any other person. The topic is irrelevant, whether it’s a rant about a shop, a kitchen disaster, a punctured tire or a parenting gripe – all are valid.

P.S., I don’t think ANYONE really knows 100% what they’re signing up for…

It really is emotionally therapeutic to let off some steam to other like-minded parents, usually getting useful tips and advice in response, which in turn means a stressed out parent is more likely to feel whole lot better, and be a whole lot better at this hardcore slog that parenting truly is.

So, if you’re one of those folk who like to shoot down parent ranters, spare a moment to realise that this person is obviously struggling, needs support and has just as much right to moan about parenting as they do about ANY subject. YOU may find yourself in their shoes at some point…


Do you agree, or do you disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Love from Katie. Xx

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