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Packing For The Zoo

Heeeeeeeelloooooo thereeee!

This is a blog for anybody who fancies a nice trip and what to pack for the zoo!


On a random Sunday evening, whilst thinking what to do with my two sisters the next day. We came to a joint decision to go for a nice day out to the Zoo.

We live 15/20 minutes away and I haven’t been since my last day working there (I worked in the gift shops).

When it came to packing, I always tend to be over prepared. But that way I then had everything instead of not what I may of needed.


This is the pretty obvious thing. We packed everything in her baby bag and the other things we needed in a ruck sack. I really do like to be over prepared so don’t judge me on the amount I brought (oops). You can always bring a lot less than I did, this is just an idea and a guide for people planning trips that take up the whole day.


I took extra sleepsuits and vests because the weather wasn’t warm at all. On the day we went she wore a normal vest with a lovely denim dress with long sleeves. A blue coat, accompanied with white tights and a pink bobble hat. Not the best looking combo, but she was warm which was my key priority.

I also brought a lot of blankets. Partly wasn’t my fault as there was three of us and we all thought one another forgot blankets. So she had three nice and thick blankets. Turns out that we needed them all as the day got really cold.


We all wore the usual, but brought coats and a umbrella incase it got cold or rainy. With all the walking we did, we hardly wore our coats and thankfully never rained.

We decided not to do this as we had so much but don’t forget you can also bring/wear a baby carrier!


If you’re planning on spending the day there like we did, then you may need to bring a selection of your baby’s favourite toys.


You will be taking a lot of pictures so you may be gettin wearing a baby carrier or using reins but in the end your baby/child will be in the pram to give your back or arms a 10 minute rest. So don’t forget about Mr Bear.


When you’re out and about, food can be expensive. At the zoo, you find even a bottle of water is extortionate. Granted it pays their bills and looks after their animals, but when you have food at home, why not?


I made everyone their favourite sandwiches, different flavours of crisps and chocolate. But for my daughter I packed lots of finger food, like thick fruit and veg and stored it in this Star Wars lunch box (mega fan). She is exclusively breastfed and doesn’t really entertain food just yet so there wasn’t much point in me packing too much for my little one. But always be sure you’re set on food and drinks throughout your day.


When you head out, don’t forget something to take your pictures with. If you’re taking your phone, make sure it is fully charged and ready for your long day.

Same with your camera, check you have a clear SD card or at least enough memory for all those pictures you’re gong to take!

My phone both ran out of memory and battery, thankfully my sister brought a power bank with her and I saved spare pictures to my icloud. Crisis diverted!


Getting to the zoo will cost you either bus money, taxi fare or fuel. So to get in will cost a few extra pennies and then on top of that, you may want to bring spending money for any food or any souvenirs that you may want to take home.


I am a woman who can spend money really easily and 90% of the time I do it without thinking. For example, Chester Zoo have little electric boats that if you put in £1 then you can play around for 5 minutes. We were having that much fun that we went again. So £6 for 10 minutes of messing around, oopsie!

If you’re thinking about a trip to the zoo then I would defiantly recommend going, even if you go for a few hours it is wonderful. Lots of fresh air and new sights to see compared to what you may usually see and it is fun. And if you’re close to Chester Zoo then I cannot recommend it enough!

Hope you’ve enjoy the read and have fun x


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