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Parenting promises we all made ..... and then broke!

Let’s face it, we all dream of being the perfect parent …. until the time actually comes. At that point all the promises we made to ourselves about our children sleeping through the night in their own beds from day dot seem to fade into a distant memory.

I’m sure all of you mummies will agree these things are easier said than done. So lets have a little laugh at all of the parenting promises we all make to ourselves … and then break!

My children will only eat healthy food.

Who’d have thought getting a child to eat five a day could be so difficult? No chocolate? No takeaways? No additives? Think again! Sometimes the only answer to your parenting problems will be a McDonalds Happy Meal I’m afraid.

I will not swear in front of my children.

At some point, somewhere, it WILL happen.

Let them use our iPhones or iPads.

Again, this was a nice thought, but now you find yourself struggling for storage due to the thousands of kids apps you’ve found yourself downloading. Anything to keep them entertained for half an hour I suppose.

Let them sleep in my bed.

After so many sleepless nights, you stop caring about any potentially negative effects of co sleeping.

Give in to a tantrum.

When you’re out in public in the middle of your big shop and the dreaded tantrum takes hold, we’ll take the easy option every time.

My children will not use a dummy.

Good luck with that one! Sometimes our sanity goes before oral hygiene.

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