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A Positive Birth Story – When Things Don’t Go To Plan

by Katie Hodgkins

A Positive Birth Story – When Things Don’t Go To Plan

So after a longggggggg 38 weeks of heart burn, discomfort, tiredness, stress, work and drama my time had finally come…

​I was being induced due to baby boy not moving as much! It goes without saying I hated pregnancy and I have no shame in admitting it! I was extremely nervous as I had no idea what to expect with it being my first baby. So I spent the day before packing my hospital bag with excitement living the day in a daze wondering who my baby boy would look like … if he would breast feed… if my induction would be successful… wait did I pack nappies? My mind literally swirling with baby brain and having no idea what to expect! 

So the day had come, I took my last bump pic and made my way in. I was taken in really quickly and hooked up to be monitored for half an hour before I was induced. The midwife noticed some mild contractions and passed them off as braxton hicks but did drop in there if they were real ones I would be over stimulated which makes things complicated… what! I was so nervous. So within half an hour of being induced I experienced pain I had never dreamt possible, wow  –  they were hard and fast! I told the midwife I really didn’t feel like things were going okay but she told me it’s good, my body was progressing.

Shortly after a new midwife monitored me and noticed my baby’s heart rate was shooting up and dropping to next to nothing… so they took the pessary out and injected me to slow down the uterus.

Shortly afterwards I thought about how I lost all dignity and nothing could get much worse now. Oh wait… I felt extremely wet and warm and as if I weeing uncontrollably! I moaned to my partner while high on gas and air ‘I’m p*****g everywhere, make it stop please!’ and then I heard a woman shout ‘Loads of waters! Loads of waters! Wow!’ The baby had broke my waters! Wow okay, so I was faintly listening to the plan while being wheeled down somewhere to be monitored one to one. They left my body to try and labour by itself now.

Only 4 hours later me or baby weren’t progressing too well so I was told what I was dreading all along… I was being taken for an emergency section. I cried so hard, why wouldn’t my body do it?! Damn my stupid body for not doing what it was designed to do!

I felt as if I had failed and I was so angry at myself.

So I scribbled across some piece of paper shoved under my nose and off I went.

But all of a sudden (while still high on gas) I realised… after 38 long hard weeks my baby would be in my arms soon… what will he look like? Will he like me? Will he be okay? I was excited.

After lots of pulling and tugging I hear a scream! My baby’s scream!

Wow he was here! 8 pounds, 4 ounces!

No wonder my back was crippling towards the end! And there he was in his daddies arms, my world right there in front of me. The most incredible feeling possible. So my birth was not what I expected, but we should never feel bad about which way our baby arrives because in the end does it really matter?

You carried and formed the love of your life. So really you’re winning pushed or cut open it doesn’t matter. I hope this helps other mums out there. Please share your stories with me and let me know what you think of mine.

Written by Amy Hignett for her blog, amylouisehignett.


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