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Research Shows Parents Spend 82 Days Per YEAR Trying To Get Kids To Sleep!

A survey conducted by Sleep Junkie has found that parents spend, on average, 82 days per year trying to settle restless little ones to sleep!

This works out at around 1977 hours… And we wonder why we’re always tired! *Yawn*

To get this information, Sleep Junkie spoke with parents who’ve had a child in the past 18 months, and asked them to break down an average day in their lives of a parent. The survey established that on average, us mummies and daddies spend around 5 hours and 25 minutes per DAY trying to settle our babies to sleep… Over the course of a year, that is an awfully long time.

This stock image is definitely one I can relate to…

What did these parents try to help their children sleep?

  • 41 minutes on average per day is spent driving to soothe baby.
  • 1 hour and 21 minutes on average per day is spent pacing/walking around the house to calm the baby.
  • 34 minutes on average per day is spent reading to a baby/child to calm them.
  • Burping, feeding and bathing are also activities time is spent on

After all of this, the research also concluded that on average, us parents only dedicate a paltry FIVE MINUTES per day to self care.

As parents, of course our babies become the centre of our universe, but it’s really important to look after yourself too. Our babies need us to be at our best, and self care is vital for our well being! Even if it’s a few minutes here and there across the day these moments of self care add up and make a difference.

Lots of love from Katie & Team BBY! Xx

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