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Sensory Bath Play

by Bethany Collings

Heelloo to my beautiful or handsome readers!

So the other day I saw a lot of ladies posting about sensory ideas to do with babies and children. I decided to try one out.

This was something I was keen on doing because I like interacting with my daughter. Doing all sorts of different things and watching her take in all the information with her big chubby smiles.


A few days ago I went to The Range with my mum, daughter and sister. After having a good pooch around the Art section, not looking for anything I particular. When I then came across glowsticks and flashing balloons!


Obviously I couldn’t wait to get home and run a bath. I could hear the snapping the sticks and blowing up the balloons calling me.


Whilst getting the bath ready for the both of us, I probably had more fun than she did throughout. There were three balloons but I messed up pulling the tag out of the last one so I threw it away. I don’t have any pictures of us in the bath together, well, not to post (ha).


I would more than recommend this for a new and fun way to have a bath with your children. It’s so fun watching them try and catch the balloons and the look of sheer amazement when you hold up a glow stick.


WARNING: Just in case, do not allow your baby or children to chew the glowsticks. I say this because I made my sister do a bite test and it leaked. The last thing you want is a glow in the dark newborn!


If you have any questions or enquiries then comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.



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