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Snuggle Me, Mama

Snuggle me, mama!

I’m tired, but my cot is so vast and cold compared to the warmth of your arms & bosom…

Snuggle me, mama!

Ouch! Why is the ground so hard and hurty? My poor knees. Kiss my booboo. But the best medicine?

Snuggles, mama!

I’m frustrated, sad, a whirlwind of emotions but I can’t yet use my words. I am a tornado of tears.

Snuggle me, mama, help me with my fears.

The crook of your neck smells so comforting. It smells like you – like pure love.

Snuggle me mama, we fit together like a hand to a glove.

I’ve just woken from a dream so foul & fearsome, but I can’t describe it. I can only cry out for you.

Snuggle me mama, for I need you.

Confusion is a common hurdle as I learn about the big, wide world, my oyster…

Snuggle me mama, for you are my safe haven.

I didn’t mean to be naughty – your scolding was just and fair…

Snuggle me please mama, just to clear the air.

Now I am joyous, brimming with excitement and glee, look at my bright eyes and wide smile!

Snuggle me mama, and share my joy, just for a little while!

 Don’t be afraid to cuddle your child – you cannot spoil a child with love! Cuddling is a fantastic way of nurturing your little one, and it meets their emotional needs hugely too, which promotes positive attachments and improved self confidence.

I hope you enjoyed my crack at poetry! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.

Love from Katie. Xx

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