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The Lies We Tell Our Children

This article is all about “The Lies We Tell Our Children” These are mostly just little white lies but some are huge.

I haven’t written this to be judged so keep an open mind and let me explain them for you.

There are the little white lies like when Sophia is unwell or in pain and in need of Calpol, She just refuses to take it, We put it into her milk at night and during the day if needed. We call it her ‘Magic Hot Juice’. She has always referred to her milk as ‘Hot Juice’ So if it has medicine in it we call it ‘Magic’ The lie is obviously that it’s not magic.

There are the comforting lies like when Sophia gets hurt we ‘Kiss it better’. I’m sure this one is common practice for most parents. It is still a lie as it doesn’t actually change anything. The pain will still be there. Her knee will still be grazed. Another pointless lie.

One that I really enjoy is pretending that her toys are alive and have voices. I use them as a way to get her to listen to me. She loves to ignore me at times. I change my voice slightly and pretend to be Thomas from Thomas and friends (Thomas The Tank Engine) She listens to them and it helps get stuff done. I often find myself doing the voices randomly for no reason at all.

Then there’s the empty threats, telling her that we will bin her toys if she doesn’t put them away. This lie only comes out once every few months when we are at our wits end. It can get results but I have now swapped it for the pretending her toys are alive as it gets better results all round.

Lastly the biggest lie of them all is Santa. I bet you saw that coming from a mile away. I love that Sophia gets excited for Christmas and I want her to believe for as long as possible. This lie is done with Sophia’s best interests at heart. It helps to teach her about family, giving, love and selflessness. I don’t feel bad for telling these lies to Sophia as I know she doesn’t really believe me apart from the Santa one. Everyone believes in Santa don’t they?

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