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The Most Unwelcome Guest

Out of all my post birth visitors, you were the worst,

I should have been so happy that I was close to burst.

But instead, you kept taking me in a cold embrace,

but the coward you are, wouldn’t reveal your ugly face.

I had to go weeks without knowing who exactly you were,

by then I’d lost precious time with the baby I’d just birthed.

Luckily I recognised you, from the leaflets and books,

before you got your claws in and my life I nearly took.

You’ve taken many a mother, baby and child,

I wouldn’t allow you to take mine, my mother instincts were wild.

I fought you and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,

but im glad I got through it for me, my husband and sons.

You will never be welcome at my door again,

I will write about you, I’ll warn others so they don’t go through the same.

Post Natal Depression you really are a horrible illness,

But you can be defeated, and families can get back to their business.

I hope in many years to come everyone will see you walking to a mothers home,

and we’ll be ready and waiting For you, to the curb you will be thrown.

                                                                                           Em ?

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