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The (Not So) Glamorous Side To Pregnancy

by Katie Coppack

Every woman and body is different, I’m one of the lucky ones, no sickness, no cravings no complaints. Perfect. At least that’s what I thought.

28 weeks in and BOOM! Shit just got real! The heartburn, the exhaustion, the breathlessness getting up the god damn stairs, all 13 of them! The tossing and turning all night. The kicks that you once thought were cute and tickly just don’t tickle anymore! It’s winter but I can’t fasten up my fricking coat, nor can I tie my shoe laces without feeling like I’ve ran a marathon. Then just when you think pregnancy can’t kick your butt any more than it already has, there’s piles! Also known as hemorrhoids, in my book known as the mother of all demons.

FML. WTF. You can’t tell anybody (except your poor hubby) because no one wants to hear you have half your insides hanging out your ass! So when my friend asks me, what have you been up to today? I smile politely and say “ah I’ve had a lovely relaxing day, nesting etc” but my inner self is  screaming “no you haven’t, you can’t poo, and you’ve just spent the best part of the afternoon trying to pass what can only be described as bowling ball”! and now my inner self is laughing at me because I’m on the school run pretending my arse isn’t on fire!

So my plan yesterday was to go out and buy the ‘not so glamorous side to pregnancy’ products. Yep I was a woman on a mission in Superdrug, it’s got to be done, Anusol is my new best friend.

I often see these pregnant women on Instagram, all petite and glamorous, hair is beautiful, the perfect pregnant lady I ever did see. Not at all jealous in my baggy maternity jeans, un straightened hair, tired eyes and big saggy boobs. Bet she hasn’t got piles!

My not so glamorous pregnancy buys are

⁃Anusol, because wether it’s during pregnancy or after birth your going to need it!

⁃Bed mats (mattress protectors)

⁃Heartburn remedies, Rennies seem to do the trick for me.

⁃Breast pads, maternity pads & disposable pants

⁃Nipple shields just in case you need some relief from a painful latch

⁃Nipple balm (a must have for sore nipples, but also ideal to have on standby)

Pregnancy is an amazing experience, and a beautiful one. Your body goes through a transformation like never before, and when your holding your baby in your arms you will see just how worth it they are. If Mother Nature is extremely kind to you and you don’t suffer from post birth hemorrhoids then we can’t be friends and we have nothing in common.

Katie x


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