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The Thing About Pregnancy Announcements

Aloha Amigos

Why do people think It’s acceptable to announce your child’s birth? Were they the ones who carried him/her for 9 months? Were they the one who endured a long labour? No!

I have seen this happen a few times now. A friend or family member posting ‘SHE’S HERE’ and although I’m happy for the family, I think.. ‘Wait, that wasn’t their job?’.

In today’s society we’re all pretty much glued to our phones and have become pretty outspoken. Especially when It’s regarding things that have nothing to do with us, we just feel we have every right to comment on it.

I’m pretty thankful I have a small family. When I gave birth I became unwell, so I didn’t want anyone online knowing my daughter was born because then they would all want to see her and you know what? I didn’t want to see anyone. Nobody.

Then a week later, when I was feeling more human, I told my whole family it was time. Only asked that they let me go first, but then feel free to spam everyone with all the pictures they’ve taken. I kinda felt I had to post an announcement on Facebook because It’s the new norm (I even had a huge Pinterest folder full of ideas). Plus I had told them all to keep quiet for so long they were all so excited to show her off, so it was also one less thing to think about.

But for way too many new parents, this definitely isn’t the case. It’s scary just how often it is happening, and Mums especially are feeling crushed, gutted and extremely upset. All because someone got a little carried away.

A letter to our families

We have waited 9 months. Maybe less depending on how soon the baby wanted to see us. Non the less we are both SO excited to see our little girl/boy.

Please, don’t post my baby’s birth before me, or my partner. Because it is our place to do so. Feel free to tell whoever you want, but please tell them to just be careful with online platforms. We will get around to announcing when we are ready.

I may not want everyone coming to see me, whether straight after birth or 6 weeks later.

I also may not want to post pictures online. I don’t know who will see them or have access to them, please respect me.

Just remember, giving birth can REALLY take it out of you.

  • I may need stitches and quite rightly feel pretty sorry for myself. All together just going to feel icky.
  • I may be establishing breastfeeding. Cracked nipples, exhaustion and sometimes bleeding can happen too. Or stressing over learning the ropes with bottle feeding.
  • I WILL be tired. The baby too! Daddy would have sat and watched, thinking I’m about to conk out any minute. Unable to help either of us. The baby from all the hard work of travelling down and out, or got stuck and needed a section. Me? well, all of the above and then times that by 100!
  • We’re REALLY going to want to bond with baby first. This could be our rainbow baby, so even more the reason.

It’s special for everyone, but It’s OUR special time.

It’s like getting married, it’s the bride’s big day – not yours. You wouldn’t go to a wedding wearing white, nor would you stand at the alter during the ceremony.

I just beg you, please let me do it.

It’s for me, or my other half. Not for anyone else to do before the two parents have had a chance to do so. Once the news is out, go crazy.

Throughout all of this, I just wanted you to know that we love every single person. This is huge for us! We’re so scared and nervous. We cannot wait to meet out baby and share precious moments with everyone!

I hope you all have wonderful pregnancies! Relax, have fun and enjoy the summer days!

From me to you, have a wonderful week.

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