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The ultimate money saving guide for new parents

Are you expecting a new addition to your family? Well congratulations!

I know this can be an extremely exciting time, however it can also be expensive. Don’t panic because I’m here to help you save as many pennies as possible, in prep for your new arrival and beyond.

The key is to plan. Here are some points to consider when planning your spends!

If you don't need it, put it down!

If this is your first child then you may be tempted to buy every baby product under the sun, but this is not the way to go. You’ll only end up buying products you don’t really need and therefore wasting money. Instead read my baby checklist for a list of essentials. Follow this up with my what NOT to buy list so you know what to avoid.

Join baby clubs!

Baby products can be pricey so joining baby clubs online can be a great way of getting freebies and deals for baby. If you’re expecting, then It’s definitely worth taking a look at my article on how to get pregnancy freebies as this will give you an idea of what’s available at the moment. Every little helps.

Write a list of baby essentials in order of importance!

Nappies, pushchairs and car seats are all essential for baby’s first few months so this should take priority of your spends at first, things like high chairs and baby proofing don’t need to be taken into consideration until the following months when baby is a bit bigger. You don’t need to splash out on everything all at once, buy things as you need them.

Don't buy baby clothes!

This is the biggest mistake most first time parents are guilty of making. The temptation of buying every tiny outfit we see can sometimes get the better of us, trust me I’ve been there! But once baby arrives you’ll soon find they grow out of all those clothes in no time at all. I bet most of them won’t even see the light of day. Apart from that, family and friends tend to be extremely generous when it comes to buying clothes for a new born.

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