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The Worry of Motherhood

When you first find out you’re pregnant you start to worry about all the ‘what if’s?’ What if something goes wrong? What if I don’t get a baby at the end of it? What if I die during labour? The list is endless, but naively you think once you have the baby then the stress and worry and what ifs will go away.

Wrong. It gets worse. Much worse. Now you’re constantly battling the everyday life of motherhood and the tiredness that comes with it along with the often irrational thoughts of what if? What if my child doesn’t wake up? What if I check on them and they aren’t breathing? (This one goes way past the newborn stage with me and I still check the camera with my 2 year old to see his chest rising!) What if they become Ill? What if they get kidnapped? What if they drink or eat something they’re not supposed to? Yet again I can think of a million thoughts that have gone through my head, often late at night and sometimes even makes me check on my children just to make sure that they are okay.

And the reality is 99% of the time your child will be okay, the thoughts will remain just a thought and your child will outlive you once you’ve lived a long full life together.

Motherhood is hard. Motherhood is worrying. But motherhood is fantastic and rewarding and fills you with a feeling of love that you didn’t think was possible. Don’t let the worry thoughts put you off from having children and enjoying your life with them. Anything can happen to anyone at any time so live life with your amazing mini mes to the fullest.

Zebra Mumma 

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