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Things I’ve Learned Since My Tiny Human Was Born….

by Bump, Baby & You

So it’s almost been 6 months(?!) since I became a mum. I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but here’s a list of 10 things that have changed/ I’ve learnt since my tiny little human entered the world… 

1. Muslin squares are the holy grail of motherhood. Mopping up dribble, a makeshift sun hat or even to play peek a boo ~ a muslin’s always got your back.

2. I used to have a special voice reserved only for babies and animals. This is now my voice 99% of the time.

3. Everyone wants to give you advise and/or their opinion. Even little old Mildred in Tesco Express ~ and you can guarantee “it wasn’t done like that in her day”. It in this instance I use my newly perfected nod and smile face.

4. MTV has been replaced with BabyTV. Thanks to ‘The Tiny Bunch’ I can eat lunch without Lola trying to steal it. She eyeballs me from across the room but I can live with that.

5. Judgement is VERY real. Breastfeed or Bottle feed, stay at home or go to work, comfort your baby or cry it out…your judged. So I’ve learnt to do what I want. No doubt someone, somewhere will be judging me anyway.

6. A hot cup of tea or a long shower are things of luxury.

7. I can’t stop taking photos of Lola and it’s impossible to just take one. I take at least ten, all of the same gummy little grin ~but from a slightly different angle. “Cannot Take Photo” popping up on my phone screen is a regular thing and it actually makes my blood boil.

8. My living room has turned into a replica of the shop floor at Toys R Us. Who knew a jumperoo was that big??!

9. I’m a worrier. I worry about parking spaces being big enough for me to get Lola in and out of the car. I’ve even had nightmares about it. That and the baby carrier ~ I hate that thing.

10. It’s ok not to be ok. There’s been sad days, teary days, up days, down days and days full of smiles, laughter and cake. This mum gig is bloody hard and it’s ok to wobble❤️

(Here’s a photo of Lola rocking the muslin as a sun hat look  )



Written by Hayley Messenger for her blog, Life With Lola x.


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