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Things That Happen In The Seven Minutes Before Bedtime

How many of you parents out there understand the struggle right before bed time? If you have toddlers especially, it can turn into their most active time of the day. For many little ones, It’s the time when they come alive!

The kids get their sudden burst of energy and excitement, making the task of settling down for the night extra difficult.

Well, I’ve stumbled across this list of things that happen in the seven minutes before bedtime on Facebook, and it couldn’t be more accurate!

How many of you mummies can relate to this?

Here are the top 20 things all kids do to avoid going to bed:

  • Tummy ache

  • Sip of water

  • Negotiation for another book

  • Search for stuffed bunny

  • No, the other stuffed bunny

  • Sudden interest in what happens after you die


  • Questions about human reproduction

  • Irrational fear of monsters

  • Request for all the songs from Disney’s Frozen

  • Urgent need to poop

  • Concerns about tomorrow’s breakfast

  • Recounting of a favourite TV show

  • Fart jokes

  • Debate about favourite superhero

  • Act of sibling injustice

  • One more kiss

  • Now a hug

  • Now an air kiss

  • 37 I love yous

Click here to see the original Facebook post.

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