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This Is What Happens When You Show Affection To Your Baby...

Research has repeatedly proven the benefits of close, loving contact between a parent & their child.

This latest research shared by NH Neuro Training is yet more proof that cuddling and holding our babies is good for us, and them, and doesn’t create ‘a rod for your own back’, something we’re pretty passionate about here at Bump, Baby & You. Read why we love cuddling here!

Neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe has shared this Magnetic Resonance Image of her kissing her two month old son, and what this image shows is incredible!

Kissing, cuddling and close contact releases oxytocin, often referred to as ‘the love hormone’. This helps us to build positive attachments, something that is very beneficial for us as parents and our lovely babies. Affection also releases something called vasopressin, another bonding hormone, and serotonin, which is great for mood regulation and making us feel uplifed.

The MRI image Rebecca took shows these chemical reactions happening in real time, in both mummy and baby. It’s magical to be able to see the act of bonding on such a visceral level, isn’t science just awesome?!

The takeaway message here, mummies & daddies, is that it is fine to hold and cuddle your babies as much as you and they want, it’s good for them and good for you. Advice warning you that you’re ‘spoiling’ them by giving them physical affection is really outdated, enjoy the snuggle time.

Love from Katie & Team BBY. Xx

This is the world’s first ever magnetic resonance image showing a mother and child’s bond. The image is of…

Posted by NH Neuro Training on Wednesday, 4 September 2019

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