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Our Wedding Gender Reveal!

by Katie Hodgkins

Our Wedding Gender Reveal!

“We’re getting married!!”

The words I thought I’d never say after being with my partner Tim for 9 years, 4 of which we were engaged.

Like most people, in my head I had everything planned from the lace dress to the quirky hockey stick wedding favours. However, one thing happened that changed everything… I was pregnant.

This was a big game changer as we worked out I would be 6 months pregnant when we were to be married. I did have some visions of myself looking like a beached whale whilst rolling down the aisle but I also loved the idea of having our first born inside me as we became husband and wife.

When we told family and friend our news obviously they were delighted, most stating it was about time but… I had the odd; “what if your dress won’t fit you?”, “you realise you won’t be able to drink?”, “You’re gonna be so exhausted on the day!” comments. Honestly, I wasn’t to bothered about any of these, I just knew that somehow I could make it work and it will be the wedding we both wanted.

As my pregnancy got closer to the 20 weeks scan, like most couples we were asked do you want a boy or girl? Being first born we didn’t mind but it got me thinking why not have a gender reveal at our wedding!

Tim loved the idea and we scrolled through millions of photos on pininterest and google images for some ideas but surprisingly not many people do this kinda thing on their wedding day. We eventually found the perfect reveal….

A gender balloon above us at our first dance and it would be burst by the best man during the lyrics “I’m so in love with you, it just keeps getting better.” (Amazed by LoneStar)

Only a small amount of people knew about the gender reveal and even fewer knew that I actually hate the sound of balloons bursting. But it’s safe to say that it was one of the highlights of the wedding – dancing as Mr & Mrs around a floor full of…

PINK balloons and PINK confetti!

Written by Samantha Francis.

Do YOU have any surprising and unusual gender reveal stories? Please comment and tell us all about it!


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