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When Mums Cancel Social Plans...

Dear anyone who has had plans with a mum cancelled abruptly…

I’ll start off by stating that it is not personal. I don’t mean to be flaky, but I’ve barely bloody slept and my legs are feeling shaky.

I’d love to meet for coffee, maybe cake (oh fuck it, wine!), but I really can’t today because these darling kids of mine.

Planning a trip out, a trip to the local zoo? I can’t escape the zoo at home, so I’ll politely decline, but thank you!

I know we’re meeting in ten, but this really can’t wait you see, baby has a fever and needs to see the GP!

Girls night in with pizza and gin? Wow, that sounds great! But it starts at 10pm you say? Sorry, that’s just WAY too late.

Impromptu trip to the bar to drink dirty pints and get sloshed? See, the issue is, none of my pukey clothes are actually washed.

You know I’d love to go out shopping with you and buy some Jimmy Choos, but the thing is, my kids REALLY need new school shoes…


You see my friend, I love you dearly, but the issue here comes to me pretty clearly.

Let’s make some plans and keep them booked, I’ll make sure that they’re not overlooked.

Just make sure when you note down, when you’re writing when we’re going to town…

That these plans need to be at least 6 months in advance, otherwise there is NO CHANCE!

Can any of you mummies relate? It can be difficult balancing a social life with motherhood, but it’s worth it, don’t you think?

Love from Katie. Xx

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